Self-care + Skincare

Self-care + Skincare

When thinking about self-care activities, massage, meditation, and spa days come to mind. But self-care doesn't have to be extravagant, nor does it have to be something we only enjoy once in a great while. Everyone deserves self-care time to recharge the mind and body.

Self-care time is so important for overall wellness and supporting mental health. Skincare is a great self-care choice to help you feel relaxed, and stress-free while taking care of yourself. SKIN is the largest organ of your body, so a little extra attention in this area provides great benefits. Here are some simple ideas for incorporating skincare into your self-care routine:

  • Daily skincare regimen - going through your morning and evening skincare routine can be relaxing and rewarding. This activity takes little time in your day but packs a big result. While cleansing your skin, enjoy gentle massage movements. Applying your products can make your skin feel renewed and refreshed. To add a little extra love into this routine:
    • Turn on some of your favorite music.
    • Light some relaxing candles. 
    • Use a jade roller to apply over serums and/or moisturizers. This technique provides a cooling facial massage and helps the products penetrate deeper into the skin. 
  • Add a gua sha or facial tool to your routine. Use a beauty oil and apply lifting/massaging techniques to your face to help you destress, circulate the skin, and provide lymphatic drainage, while enjoying amazing skincare benefits. 
  • Incorporate dry brushing - this relaxing technique feels awesome. Dry brushing benefits can include: stimulating the lymphatic system, exfoliating the skin, helping the body rid itself of toxins, increasing circulation and energy, stimulating collagen production, increasing elasticity, and providing a massage experience.
  • Enjoy infused facial steam - using a large bowl of hot water, add facial steam herbs or essential oils, carefully place your face above the water with a towel over the back of your hair for a few minutes to keep the steam focused on your face. Breathe in the aroma and relax.
  • Take a relaxing bath - soaking in a warm bath is always a nice treat for your mind and body. For additional benefits, add a bath bomb, Epsom salt, or a couple of drops of your favorite bath-friendly essential oil. Bring along your favorite book or magazine while you're soaking your stress away! 
  • Apply a face mask - whether you want to make a homemade face mask or apply a great premade option, face masks can be an excellent choice to refresh, hydrate, and heal the skin, leaving you glowing! Enjoy a face mask while you're watching your favorite show or giving yourself an at-home pedicure. Add an ice globe facial massage for certain masks and bring the spa to you! 
  • Make infused water or a batch of your favorite tea - sip and enjoy.
  • Try a body roller for relaxation and muscle tension - most of these rollers can be chilled for soothing and cooling effects. 
  • Treat your feet - add a hydration lotion to your feet and put on some fuzzy or warm socks. If you have time, soak your feet in warm water and Epsom salt first for additional benefits. Another pampering experience includes warming wet towels and wrapping the towels around your feet and/or legs. Yes, please! 
  • Relax those eyes - with a cooling or warming eye mask. Ahhh, so nice! 
  • Moisturize from your head to your toes - after moisturizing with your favorite products and cozy clothes, climb in bed with a warm or weighted blanket. 
  • Add a hydration moisturizer or overnight mask - apply after your skincare routine and get some extra zzzs. Relax, renew, and reenergize yourself!
  • Unplug - disconnect from the daily grind and enjoy some well-deserved downtime. Going outside in nature can be a great option, or walking your favorite furry pet. Remember to apply your SPF year-round. 

Glow from the inside out!

A self-care routine can reduce or eliminate anxiety and depression, reduce stress, improve concentration, increase happiness, improve energy, and more! I hope some of these ideas can offer additional choices to incorporate self-care into your day! 

Follow your product's instructions for proper use when incorporating these skincare ideas above to ensure comfort and safety. 

Take the time today to love yourself. You deserve it! 

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