Professional Skincare Products v. OTC Products

The Benefits of Professional Skin Care Products

Here are 7 benefits of professional versus over-the-counter skincare products:

  1. They are made in small batches. When a product is made in mass quantities, it becomes difficult to control the quality. Professional skincare lines are often made in small batches and distributed only to authorized resellers. Over-the-counter skincare products, particularly diverted products, may not offer the same level of safety or efficacy as products distributed authentically.
  2. They have higher levels of active ingredients. Over-the-counter skincare products are designed to appeal to customers who self-diagnose skin issues, so they have lower concentrations of active ingredients to minimize the chances of a negative reaction. To keep up with demand, manufacturers often add fillers and preservatives to their products whereas professional products may come in smaller containers but contain more of the active ingredient. With this in mind, it is particularly important to adhere to application recommendations.
  3. They are designed for maximum penetration. The skin features a protective barrier that prevents large molecules from penetrating the skin. The problem with many over-the-counter products is that they can’t penetrate the skin barrier – they may superficially relieve surface skin concerns, but only professional products have small enough molecules to deliver clinical results.
  4. They contain pH-adjusted ingredients. The optimal pH value of skin is between 4.7 and 5.7 which is mildly acidic. Over-the-counter skincare products don’t take pH value into account and often shift the skin’s pH in the opposite direction. An alkaline pH level leaves the skin vulnerable to bacteria and free radicals which can damage the skin, but professional skincare products are designed to support the integrity of the skin’s protective barrier using pH-adjusted ingredients.
  5. They may contain prescription-strength ingredients. Certain skin concerns like severe acne may require a higher concentration of the active ingredient than you can find in over-the-counter remedies. As active ingredient levels increase, it becomes even more important to choose a high-quality product made for professional-only
  6. They are priced more honestly. Though you may pay more for a similar volume of product, professional skincare products tend to be more potent, made with higher quality ingredients, and are designed for maximum penetration, so you don’t need to use as much. When used properly, they last longer and work better than over-the-counter remedies which equates to a much better value long-term.
  7. They can be customized for a certain skin type. The key to effective skincare is choosing products appropriate for your skin type. Using the wrong moisturizer or exfoliant could make skin issues worse. Many over-the-counter products are not formulated with a specific skin type in mind, but professional products often are.


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