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Patch to extract shallow zits

Extracts goo from the common, surface one | 36 patches

GOO GETTER is a moisture-drawing patch that absorbs impurities and goo from the surface-level enemy to quickly improve its appearance. Most hydrocolloid patches don't contain ingredients, but we’ve impregnated each GG patch with derm-backed niacinamide, salicylic acid, vitamin c and tea tree to accelerate skin clarity and renewal.

2 patch sizes to perfectly hug every sized zit tight

Accelerates skin renewal

Satisfying goo is extracted!

Protects from fingers + outside stressors

Loyal adhesive stays stuck

For the superficial zit, it absorbs + drains fluid, and fast-tracks healing. 
Apply a patch to cleansed, dry skin. Leave on for 6+ hours (or overnight) and remove. Reapply a new patch if necessary (until skin is renewed). 
Ingredients: See product images
Must-have product! Great for pimple extractions. Perfect to help prevent touching your face and picking at skin. 
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